Is there Adobe Reader Portable?

Is there Adobe Reader Portable?

The much-sought Adobe Reader Portable is not offered by the manufacturer. now learn the background and get to know alternative USB version! The PDF viewer in the free Adobe Reader download to a longstanding documents to the standard program for PDF. For years, users for a Portable Reader version for the USB stick. This would have to deal the program always there and would not have to a new one with low performance alternatives. But where is the Adobe Reader Portable?

Adobe Reader Portable impossible with current program structure

The full version from Adobe is for users easy to use and offers more features than the simple viewing of PDF files. With the software, comments can be inserted into briefs and fill out forms paperless. In addition, files can be created in the Portable Document Format. The functionality is not surprising, after all this file type Adobe itself has been developed. Adobe Reader Portable This program scope requires appropriate capacities on the computer. The full version of the Reader takes impressive 135 megabytes on the hard drive. The individual components are saved in different folders. The Browser plug-in is structurally stored in a different location than the Converter to convert PDF to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files or RTF texts. Only in this way it is possible, that is absolutely recognized each PDF document as such and opened with the appropriate uniform software. The interaction of all elements work only with the sophisticated linking structure in the computer that are not easily can be transferred to USB flash drives as Adobe Reader Portable.

The license issue in Adobe programs

In addition to the technical implementation of law, provide additional hurdles. The license terms do not allow Adobe portable version and any hack would constitute a criminal offense. But even these restrictions have some ambitious user is not prevented from trying to manufacture a portable version. They have all failed so far to the huge range of programs. Also the omission of features does not reduce the program enough to reduce the viewer on a USB version. Then there are the regular updates that would always require new versions for security reasons. The limited benefits and enormous effort has prompted developers to adjust the development of USB versions, especially as the Adobe Reader portable alternatives in the free download area gives.

Free portable PDF Reader Alternative

With the spread of the PDF format, the mass grew in open source and freeware programs for their consideration. The most popular and most functional alternative of PDF-XChange Viewer is free download, which is also available in the portable version. Thus, comments, corrections and annotations in PDF documents can be inserted and highlight text passages. Adobe Reader Portable Alternative