PokéMesh app

The PokéMesh app provides a real-time map that shows all Pokémon in the immediate area. In addition, the tool provides push notifications when a pocket monster shows up. In floating mode, the card over Pokémon GO sets, so no need to switch between the different apps.

The PokéMesh app brings all the monsters on the screen

Although Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go has integrated a rudimentary radar function for hunting pocket monsters in the original app. However, this actually works only in the immediate vicinity and offers only vague information on the hiding place. Reliable and with more specific location data can catch the rare creatures player after downloading the app PokéMesh. The map shows not only the exact location, but also how long the Pokémon can be bombarded with Poké Balls still there. The search by type helps coaches to track down rare species or targeted to collect stardust to the development of the date gefangengen monster. A big advantage over similar apps (which there are now numerous) is that the card must not be started separately but can be opened in the game. So players do not have to switch between the various applications and forth.

PokéMesh apptrack targeted rare monsters with PokéMesh app.

Installation and registration

The app is available as APK for download. therefore must be allowed on the smartphone advance data from unknown sources for the installation of PokéMesh. Depending on your smartphone you will find this option under the Settings app or the menu item Security. Following the file in the download folder must be called and the installation be started that works as one would expect from the Play Store or iTunes. Now, users must log in with their Google account data and already targeted hunt can begin after Pokémon.

Niantic threatened with lockout

However Pokémon Go players should consider in advance whether they log in with their primary account. Because after the initial difficulties of Pokémon GO and first bots developers go rigor against cheaters. Also, third parties such as PokéMesh are not exempt. Threatened so far only Softbans of maximum of two hours, players must now reckon with the complete lock their access. It should therefore be applied as a precaution for the use of the app a new Google account. Another drawback of the application that they are currently still running unstable and is becoming more common crashes.