Silent Hill is one of the most famous survival horror games, a genre that became popular in the early nineties for the first time. In the meantime, numerous sequels have been published, some of them as Silent Hill Download for PCs. Silent Hill Homecoming is the fifth and came in 2009 to the market. Like the entire horror series is also Homecoming nothing for the faint hearted and the violence led to a disarmed version in Germany and Australia.

Silent Hill Download the fifth part of a new development team

Unlike the first Silent Hill download of a story of homecoming is not Silent Hill, but Shepherd's Glen, the hometown of the protagonist Alex Shepherd. In a way, the report includes the change of the development team reflects, for the development of the fifth part was made 9 Entertainment to the American Center Foundation. The previous Silent Hill games that established the success of the Games series were previously always developed by Konami Team Silent.

Silent Hill Download

Silent Hill protagonist returns to hometown

Alex Shepherd, the main character in the fifth part is a veteran, the - driven by a dark Anticipation - returns to his Heimatstädchen. When he recovers from a war injury in the military hospital, the premonition creeps him that his younger brother needs help. He decides then, down back to his hometown and finds his mother in a morbidly frozen state before, no trace of his father and his brother. The unusually dense fog that lies over the city, does not bode well ...

Survival horror ambient sound convinced

Despite the change of the development team, the atmosphere of Homecoming can convince the gaming community. That alone is quite an achievement when you consider how big is the legacy that takes up this game. Finally (from Capcom's Resident Evil, which had triggered the survival horror game wave aside) there are no other survival horror game that has this genre so much affected as Silent Hill.

Silent Hill Scene

Original versions of Silent Hill often without youth release

The first version of Silent Hill download was published in 1999 and caused a stir with the version differences. Thus, in the US version, for example, no small headless monster with big claws, but little monsters that resemble children. In addition, the first part was initially marked as "18 USK" icon with "Not suitable for young" and the. Something similar happened to other games in this series, and other survival horror games and Shooters with partly free download. The fifth part, Silent Hill Homecoming was also defused in order to avoid a conflict with the protection of minors out of the way.

play Silent Hill

Mission completed: horror classic successfully developed Friends of cultivated survival horror game to come here of their costs. Even players who are familiar with the Silent Hill mythos will not be disappointed. The story is convincing with its moments of surprise. Was the main character thrown in previous versions still unprepared into the action, so Alex Shepherd can carry thanks to his military training, more complex offensive and defensive techniques. In short, the combat system is innovative and the characters are believable - if that now goes to a horror game times.