Of the JoGoVEREIN download It offers sports and other clubs versatile tools for managing members and activities. The freeware inter alia for accounting, including an interface to banks and accountants.

JoGoVEREIN Download as clever club manager

Thanks to the operation to access and / or MySQL based the records of JoGoVEREIN with common office applications are compatible. Thus, addresses can be installed easily in letters that were created with Word. The same applies in the online space for email addresses and Outlook newsletter. In addition, it adapts the information content of the database freely on its own needs. If you want, for example, may include images of its members. For all those who are not familiar with Access, freeware holds examples ready for orientation.

JoGoVEREIN downloadJoGoVEREIN Download: Versatile tools for MANAGING offers sports and other clubs

Tools for cashless withdrawal of contributions by SEPA process

In the accounting area JoGoVEREIN provides tools for cashless withdrawal of contributions by SEPA schemes and automatic registration of payments in the cash journal. With the help of an interface to the Internet the management tool keeps the bank codes always up to date. For electronic data exchange with credit institutions JoGoVEREIN created a mouse click a file in the format DTAUS1. To prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data, the freeware provides their databases with a password.

Limitations of JoGoVEREIN

The program is freeware. It is fully functional without registration. Only when pressure there is an indication of the lack of registration.