team planner PRO

team planner PRO

Who, when, how long is not present in a team – all this information are brought out with the team planner PRO Download on the PC. The working software also records the reason for the absence (eg holiday, illness) and Multi-User or Network ready. This means multiple users can use the planner team PRO simultaneously. For planning, control, management and optimization of working hours free programs and software available in our download catalog lot for download from our work available. Not without reason, because in business – regardless of whether this is a small craft business or a small or medium business – the teams have planned and absenteeism eventual replacement. The team planner PRO download provides the user with this the right tool.

suitable team planner PRO download for businesses with up to 50 employees

The Software Developer Mathias Willmes or the manufacturer is available in two different versions. The version team planner 250 can accommodate up to 250 people and includes a total of 56 absence reasons. Slimmer, but also more effective and still sufficient for small businesses and companies, the team planner PRO download comes along. The software team planner PRO is designed for up to 50 people and includes 56 instead of only 20 different reasons for absence.

team planner PRO Download

But the 20 different reasons for absence are likely to be more than adequate for the majority of small companies and businesses. So, you can enter in the software, for example, whether an absent employee is on vacation, whether he or she is in the field, for health reasons is not present uswusf. Most cases of absences should therefore still be covered.

Office software creates concise evaluation of absences

A major advantage of Office software is certainly the multi-user or network capability. In this way, several people can work on, for example, the summary table and have the same absence days in mind. Especially in smaller companies this may be useful. In addition, you can enter additional comments on the calendar. But best of all: All entries are displayed in a clear and understandable evaluation at the end. Also good: The changes in the calendar can be understood by users at any time. At the same time it is also possible – as long as desired – to assign different user access rights to different areas. In the latest version of team planer PRO, it is also possible to allow individual users with read-only access – but not write access or editing rights.