Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans

the free Vikings: War of Clans App catapults the user into the rough time of the Vikings. The aim is to compete against players from around the world and to advance to the most powerful and feared Vikings. The realistic animated graphics, the action-packed battles and versatile options for developing the warrior and cities round off this war of clans.

Vikings: War of Clans App – where are the fearless Vikings?

The development studio Plarium is known for its powerful strategy games with heroic epic for browsers and mobile devices. In Vikings, the user part of the cruel and unforgiving world of the Vikings is. To survive here, must be at least as strong and merciless to be like the rest of the Viking world. But only one who is not only adamant and powerful, but a clever strategist, can conquer this world.

Vikings: War of Clans AppThe Vikings: War of Clans App searches the most powerful Viking

Who is willing to stand up against other players, you can here the Vikings: War of Clans Android version download. The game continues 4.0.3.voraus least Android version. Who does not want to use the option of in-app purchases, you can create a password and prevent the offers. This is particularly useful if, for example, children are traveling in the game, because the app is released from 6 years.

Vikings: War of Clans android with large feature list

That developers of Plarium understand something about their craft, it quickly becomes clear. The game comes with a large number of warriors to their mobile device. So the player can choose among others between archers, mercenaries, Furies and riders. With one of these Vikings, the player must now come to power and influence: Say, the metropolitan area has continuously expanded and other lands to be gained. Moreover, one should not only expand his empire, but to make his hero and the entourage getting stronger. Weapons and other equipment must therefore be made to ensure that the Army brings in the next battle new conquests home.

Vikings: War of Clans App Featuresdevelop the Vikings and always make mächter

Diversified by battles and missions

For variety in the Vikings: War of Clans App provide for a course the many other gamers from around the world with whom you can deliver exciting battles. Moreover, one can continue to develop and expand its Vikings, his army and their own lands in many ways. The developers also perform regularly introduce new features. There is for example a shop where you can merge quality gems, most recently.

not enough if all this, of the jobs and missions looks on. Which are anyway some interest, moreover, because many generous rewards to gamers wait.