With the Bulk Image Downloader the user can pull all the images, screenshots and photos of the various websites of its local hard drive. For this he are several download options available that are designed to speed and simplify the process.

Bulk Image Downloader for a large photo library

In this shareware is a download manager that support downloading of photos, images and screenshots offers. Thus, users can easily and conveniently download entire photo galleries from the Internet to your PC, because the tool is clearly the most popular photo-Hosters like Flickr, ImageShack or imagefap. But Facebook and even YouTube are not a problem for the Bulk Image Downloader. For these reasons, the Download Manager to download for free a better choice for the end user.

Bulk Image Downloader

Dealing with the practical Download Manager

Downloading and installing the tools prove to be easy and very fast. During the installation process, the user can select his desired language yet, so that the operation of the Download Manager yet simple in design than it already is. Following the installation, the user can view a user's guide on the manufacturer's website to become familiar with the use of the software. This step-by-step guide has proved to be very informative, so it is highly recommended to take the three minutes for the English-language GIF animation time. In it, the next steps for the use of the tools are described so that image collectors can quickly increase their collection.

The Bulk Image Downloader for certain web browsers

The beauty of this software package is no doubt that it Pop-ups as well as advertising off and to be able to filter images even from different sites. The download of Bulk Image Downloader is compatible with web browsers Internet Explorer and Opera; Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome is the Bulk Image Downloader available as a browser extension.

Limitations of Bulk Image Downloader

In the shareware version, the program loads up to 100 images per session.