who that Windows 10 Info Center would like to customize a targeted, planned for the guide all important settings as "Action Center" designated new notification center, which is 10 downloaded by Windows. learn more here!

Windows completely customize 10 Info Center to your needs

What are the possibilities that Windows offers 10 Info Center, we have in our guide entitled "Windows Action Center 10: use Info Center clever" already described in detail. It is worthwhile to take a hard look at the settings of the information centers, since the user can determine 10 the notification bar in Windows entirely to your taste here. Various options determine, among other things, how and when alerts should be displayed and which apps and settings are the most important fast action. The Windows 10 InfoCenter settings can be found in the central settings app from Windows 10th Here the user clicks first on the system, then click Notifications and actions.

Windows 10 Info Center

What are the system messages will end up at the information center?

Of particular interest is the section Notifications can be as determined by the switch which system messages in Windows to land 10 Action Center and how they prefer to do without. Who App for example, allows the mail to take an alert at the information center in each inbox, should not be surprised if the truly relevant system messages in the flood perish on notifications. If the user completely without app notifications and wants to allow system messages only, he puts on show from the switch app notifications.

Windows 10 Info Center Apps

Keep selected apps from the Info Center

However, it can also make a fine tune and keep certain apps from the Info Center. among others, the following messages Apps can be under these apps notifications Show activate and deactivate: Alarm & Clock, email, OneDrive, Windows Feedback and Windows Explorer. The list shows all installed apps are represented that support the Information Center. Those who want to receive messages from the app at the information center, pushes or leaves the switch to On. Clicking on the name of the app it is defined in addition to whether notification banners are displayed and whether a sound is to draw attention to the receipt of a message.

The options in the Notification Settings

For the following additional options in the notification settings on and off switches are available: display notifications on the lock screen, display alarms, reminders, and incoming VoIP calls to lock screen and hiding alerts at the presentation. Not to be underestimated is the point Show tips on Windows: Many users who have this enabled, complaining about an unusually high CPU load even at idle. The option requires, together with the background process Runtime Broker 30 percent and more of the CPU resources of its own. is responsible for this probably a bug in Windows 10th

Windows 10 Info Center notification settings

Selection of quick actions in Windows 10 Info Center

Finally, even the fast actions can be set to be displayed at the bottom of the Info Center. Under Quick Actions Select Four positions are available. The user selects the one he wants to see at the information center. appear confusing who the desktop taskbar and system tray, single app or system icons can disable at any time that he does not need the information center.

Windows 10 Info Center Quick Actions