Magic Rush: Heroes for Android combined in a fantastic world the best elements of role, simulation and strategy game. In a magical environment mystical characters meet and carry the epic battle between good and evil out. Just who is going refined, with strategic skills for tasks and raises in combat proven, can restore lasting peace.

Magic Rush: Heroes Android

Magic Rush: Heroes for Android - let the fights begin!

The game can be extended by a German language pack after downloading, Standard is an English-language interface. After installation is complete players will be run by a not unattractive mixture of Amazone and elves through the tutorial and already the battle begins against an invading army of death riders. After the basic functions have been declared and the victory over the attackers has been won, the tutorial and the real game begins ends.

Magic Rush: Heroes Android Defense

Wide range of options and a detailed graphics manga-style

Compared to other games of the genre to Magic Rush highlights: Heroes Android by two points in positive territory. First, the characters and the setting are very detailed and beautifully drawn animated. Secondly, the game offers a combination of different genres. So gamers will get their money, favor the strategy and structure of games. In addition, daily challenges, PVP battles and tower defense elements offer numerous game options and an infinite number of strategy options. By earn coins, diamonds or runes forces strengthened or the equipment improved. In difficult campaigns alliances can be linked with other players. At the very active community, it should be no problem to find a suitable strategic partner.

Magic Rush: Heroes Android Community

Nothing for small children: USK from 13 years

As entertaining Magic Rush: Heroes Android, it is because of the erotic and non-pacifist to be mentioned contents only for children over 13 years. Both of service and the privacy policy of the provider put this forward as a minimum. In addition, the app also provides the ability, equipment or upgrades available via in-app purchases to acquire. What is common in freemium offers, however, can be a cost trap quickly. Those who want to avoid this, can establish a password for in-app purchases or prohibit them entirely under his PlayStore settings.