be who Windows 7 Password Forgot has, unfortunately, has no chance to start Windows. We reveal how the user nevertheless gives regain access to the PC and his user account - even without that he knows the password.

Windows 7 forgot password - what to do?

Quickly it happened: who frequently changes his passwords for precautionary reasons, can suddenly remember 7 password is no longer at the last assigned Windows. Or a colleague has been playing around on their own notebook and the existing password for the Windows 7 changed download. The result is the same: After the Windows Start can not go on, because Windows 7 is requesting the password and refuses to start up before it is entered correctly.

The trick may be used only on your own PC!

Fortunately, it is forgotten after the Windows password is not absolutely necessary to install the complete operating system. With the right tricks to a hidden admin account can visualize, delete the unknown user password and assign a new password. A warning in advance: This method should only be used by people on your own PC, of ​​course, that you have forgotten your password Windows 7. Who thus cracking other people's computers, is illegal!

make hidden Windows 7 Admin account visible

Who creates a user account on Windows 7, most do not notice that in addition there is a hidden Administrator account disabled. With the activation of this account easily any Windows passwords can be changed on your own computer and reassigned. By default, the admin account has no password. Therefore, the method described below works as a solution to the Windows 7 Password Forgot course only if the password of the administrator account has not been changed.

Windows 7 Password ForgotWindows 7 Forgot your password? Help provides the administrator account.

Insert and boot installation DVD

In the first step, the user puts his Windows 7 installation DVD into the drive and boot the PC with this. Sometimes it is necessary for this to change the boot order of the computer in the boot menu or via the BIOS. If the PC has a DVD drive, the user simply uses a USB stick instead of the original installation DVD.

Start Registry Editor and follow the instructions

Now, the Recovery Console is installed on Windows and started Repair Your Computer. To the command line can be reached with one click Command Prompt. In the next step of the forgetful Windows users open the Registry Editor regedit. The user marks HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, go to File, Load Hive and opens the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 \ config sam file. Now he gives any key name, for example temp, and confirmed with OK. The subkey Temp can now be seen under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

To enable the Administrator account, the user selects the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Temp \ SAM \ Domains \ Account \ Users \ Names of marked administrator and a note of the parameter (default) in the Type column noted entry that is usually 0x1F4. It continues under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Temp \ SAM \ Domains \ Account \ Users. There, the user is looking for the key with the same ending as noted in the last step entry, so most 000001F4. Double-click on the parameter F is now changing the beginning of the line "0038" in "0038 10 from" and confirmed the whole thing again with Ok.

Forgot Windows Password Change Passwords of user accounts via the Admin Account

Now only the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Temp Mark, select File, Unload Hive and confirm with Yes. The Registry Editor can be closed and Windows to be restarted. Who in our solution to the Windows 7 password forgot did everything right, may be pleased to know that you and your computer starts with the Admin account without having to log in using a Windows password. The main work is done. the user can change the Windows passwords of his user account or other arbitrary accounts as you desire now, and has now also without Admin login again complete access to its Windows PC.

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