Samsung Gear VR manual

Samsung Gear VR manual

Of the Samsung Gear VR Manual Download explains in a rather clear way all functions of the fascinating 3D glasses. With the official Samsung Gear VR manual owners all about the immersion in the VR worlds with 360-degree images, videos and games on hand

Samsung Gear VR Manual Download: Virtual Reality & 3D games

The Samsung Gear VR user is in popular PDF format for the standard model SM-R323 available and provides an excellent introduction to the possibilities of virtual reality, 3D games and 360 ° worlds. The Samsung 3D glasses are compatible with the Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 and S6 Edge Edge +. The smartphone is inserted into the Samsung Gear VR and the user Experience heavy 3D games or concerts rousing close, as if he were in the middle of the action.

Samsung Gear VR Manual DownloadSamsung Gear VR Manual Download: All functions of the VR camera in detail. (Picture: Samsung / Editorial)

Extended field of Samsung Gear VR 2

The current model SM-R323 has a somewhat larger field. Compared to its predecessor, the Samsung glasses were also a little easier, which increases the comfort for the virtual tours. Without the protective cover and the loaded smartphone, the Samsung VR goggles weighs only 312 grams. The Galaxy Gear VR 2 has received a USB-C connector and a micro USB adapter on board. The field was expanded from 96 to 101 degrees, so that the edges during immersion in virtual worlds are now hardly visible. The Gear VR goggles ensures a wireless midst illusion, a proper detection of the head movements and precise touch-pad controller. Critics blurring at the edges and forced breaks because of possible overheating.

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The Samsung VR glasses are compatible with all the S6 and S7 models

The virtual reality glasses from Samsung offers an inexpensive and convenient entry into the VR world. However, the users of the compatible smartphones must have. The Gear VR glasses works properly with all S6 and S7 models. The handling is simple: The Samsung’s own smartphone is simply plugged into the spectacle, connects via the USB connection to the headset and automatically opens the appropriate app. When the glasses are placed in position, the home menu, the Library and the Store prompt appears. By looking at the buttons it goes deeper into the menus or the start of the apps.

Samsung Gear VR manual Download AssemblyThe device structure and operation are explained in the Samsung Gear VR manual. (Picture: Samsung / Editorial)

Samsung Gear VR manual in PDF format with more than 70 pages

Samsung Gear VR Manual Download in PDF format presents a clear guide to more than 70 pages. This begins with the two chapters information on Gear VR and read first, before proceeding with the first steps of delivery, device design, connect the mobile device to carry Gear VR and install Gear VR application. The following are basic information: Use touchpad, move pointer across the screen, select items, use Universal menu, download apps and content and display received notifications.

Samsung Gear VR combine manual Download mobile deviceThus, the Gear VR is connected to the mobile device! (Picture: Samsung / Editorial)

Advice and assistance in case of problems annexed to the Samsung Gear VR manual

Content on the Oculus home screen content on the mobile and online content: The next section is all about the subject content preference. The Samsung Gear VR Handbook concludes with warnings about safety and health, safety instructions and the notes on advice and help with problems.

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