Multi Virus Cleaner

Multi Virus Cleaner

Of the Multi Virus Cleaner Download fights the most common viruses, Trojans, diversions and spyware. The freeware detects and eliminates more than 15,000 different types of digital villains.

Multi Virus Cleaner Download: Detects and eliminates all types of Malware

The virus scanner provides virus cleaner download and install four different methods of analysis to the user after the Multi. Viruses found cleans up the free software also right from the hard drive. The freeware also checks the RAM memory, among other things by infamous variants of viruses like Mytob, Sober, MyDoom, Bagle, Zafi, Sasser or Blackmal.

Multi Virus Cleaner Download

Four different methods of virus analysis

The surface of Multi Virus Cleaner is easily explained. Clicking on Home takes the user to the actual PC scan. He has For virus analysis, the choice of four different ways. The quick analysis focuses exclusively on the high-risk data, ie mainly the Windows system files. The complete analysis, however, checked the entire system through meticulous. As the name suggests, the Thorough analysis performs a very detailed scan. Those who want to include only certain files or folders in the analysis, use the Custom analysis.

Connection of the storage and spyware analysis

Two complementary methods of analysis can be switched separately with Multi Virus Cleaner. The memory analysis examines active processes in memory, whereas the spyware analysis identifies the most common spies and eliminated.

Multi Virus Cleaner asks before deleting the malware

In the options the user can determine how to react Multi Virus Cleaner a virus can. Optionally, it instructs the freeware, asking for an explicit confirmation before the malware is sent into the eternal digital hunting grounds or whether this process should be done automatically without any demand. Who clicks on updating, can download the latest version of antivirus signatures and on request also view a list of viruses that recognizes Multi Virus Cleaner and eliminated. Other virus scanners are available in our software catalog for free download.

Multi Virus Cleaner Download Virus List