The Hater App has the potential to push Tinder from the throne of dating apps. With the tool, there are people whose hatred potential is directed to the same objects.

Hater AppWith the app Hater find common dislikes. (Picture: Hater Inc.)

With the Hater App dating fun again

Who is frustrated by Tinderwahnsinn, but decided not to shelve the dating, the Hater app should try. Thanks to the app itself willing pairing find reference to the things that they can not stand. After downloading and installing the user takes pictures of bungee jump ends must evaluate puppies owners persons or things, like Trump, extra for guacamole or slow pedestrians. The operation for this is quite simple: Wipe with a proposal up, you love him; you can sweep to the right, one might him; a wipe to the left is a Dislike and a swipe pushes down abysmal hatred on. After the fallen decision, the tool displays the percentage of users feel the same. Were the first questions answered, shows the app users with similar antipathies. Suitable matches are presented with a picture, name and the things that they hate. Following the hate dating works like traditional dating apps: You can write to and meet as necessary.

About 2,000 hate objects on offer

Users can create their personal profile Hate from a whole lot of hateful things. In addition one can submit their own proposals on the developer's website, thus significantly expanding the portfolio hateful things. From the answers, you can create interesting statistics, moreover, how this survey of the preferences of Trump- and Clinton supporters:

Hater AppThe data provide an interesting insight into likes and dislikes of users. (Picture: Hater Inc.)

Registration only possible with Facebook and Ü18

A major disadvantage of Hater app that registration takes place exclusively via a Facebook account. It may therefore find only users because of their joint anti loved ones who have over a corresponding profile. The idea behind this is certainly the one that thus use less fakes the app; on the other hand, the company standing behind the app comes from the fact, of course, to a lot of personal information. And quite honestly, to create a fake account on Facebook is not an intellectual challenge.