Rapidshare alternative: The best Sharehoster and file hosting services compared

Rapidshare alternative: The best Sharehoster and file hosting services compared

Rapidshare is set! It says so on the website of the file hoster. change now! Which RapidShare Alternative 2015 is the best? Here are the answers! Quite surprisingly, the message does not come. For several years, subject to a file hosting like Rapidshare strict conditions. First, it had hit Megaupload. When Kim dotcoms Exchange was set in January 2012, so the story goes, the Internet traffic has dropped by 5 percent worldwide. Rapidshare alternative From the RapidShare also means the end of Share Hosters? Nor is there with Uploaded.to and share-online.biz good RapidShare alternatives. Meanwhile, the courts distinguish the file hosting between the supposedly good and Dropbox on one side and evil on the other side. Here you can download Dropbox for free. The good guys generally include neutral intermediary services to the wicked are providers whose business model allegedly based directly or indirectly on massive copyright infringement. Like Rapidshare informs on its website, is from 31 March 2015, more no access possible his and all Accounts are automatically deleted. So if you want to secure its data, is a current Rapidshare alternative instructed. We provide the best in front of it. We do not distinguish between the supposedly good on one side and evil on the other side. Upload, share, or download of copyrighted materials is not allowed.

The best Rapidshare Alternatives 2015

Uploaded.net (formerly uploaded.to) secure larger amounts of data and sharing that also goes with uploaded.net. The Cloud Storage provider service offers users different pricing models. So there is to try, for example, a 48-hour access for 4.99 euros. Access includes, among other things, full speed when downloading and unlimited durability of uploaded files. Those who opt for a 6-month subscription, free gets the UDrive client. So you can drag files directly from your computer to a folder and save it to a personal cloud that are accessible to anyone else.Rapidshare alternatives Uploaded.to RapidShare alternative Uploaded.net.
* share-online.biz Also share-online.biz the user provides fast downloads without limitations. FTP uploads are possible for each registered user. Premium customers also have several advantages. So you can load multiple files at once, for example, without limits. In addition, Premium users get always offered the latest enhancements first and get various special functions that are significantly during use.share-online.biz Rapidshare alternative RapidShare alternative share-online.biz.
BitTorrent Also on Community file sharing protocol BitTorrent, you can exchange large amounts of data quickly. Unlike other file sharing techniques choose a separate distribution network is established for each file. Here you can download the original client to exchange data of all kinds BitTorrent free.Rapidshare alternative BitTorrent RapidShare alternative BitTorrent.
Who the Datenaustuasch via FTP or BitTorrent is too strenuous or too risky to store, share, or download large amounts of data with various other file hosting services. These include:

  • Drop box (also available mobile devices, such as drop box for Android)
  • seafile
  • Ubuntu One
  • Google Drive

Especially to share images there’s a lot of Free Image Hosting Providers. The best known of among them is certainly Flickr. Since March 2013, the service offers a whopping 1 terabyte of storage to free – as often as you can not press the shutter button as a photographer. Very few people know: With Flickr you can photos (and videos) also publish with access protection, so to speak with a password. More free file hosting for images are Picasa, ImageShack, Panoramio Fotocommunity.de, Direct Upload, locr and Photobucket.com.