Microsoft 3D Pinball

Microsoft 3D Pinball

With the Microsoft 3D Pinball download is the legendary pinball Redmond in current Windows versions a new home. In the freeware is an original port of the virtual pinball machines included in Windows XP and earlier OS versions.

Microsoft 3D Pinball Download for Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft 3D Pinball breathed the Windows veteran well-known pinball 3D Pinball Space Cadet ** new life. In Windows 95, the free Flipper came with the so-called Plus package on the computer. The Space Cadet Pinball table was also the successors Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP on board. The pinball game plays out as ever: either in a window or full screen mode ** hunts to the pinball keyboard on the table. The key assignment for rackets & Co. can be found in Microsoft 3D Pinball Download on personal preferences to customize. Even the sound of 3D Space Cadet Pinball has remained unchanged since the original from the 1995th

Microsoft 3D Pinball Download

Entertaining battle for the high score

The player competes against up to three other Pinball Wizards in the battle for pole position at the high score. By particularly clever game manages to collect bonus points. The background story of the pinball table: the player is a member of Starfleet and accepts orders to climb up in rank. Nine different ranks it is essential to complete the career ladder Starfleet: Cadet Ensign, Lieutenant, Captain, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Commodore, Admiral and Fleet Admiral.

Microsoft 3D Pinball Download high score

Rise in rank Starfleet

are in each mission to fulfill defined tasks. For example, the player must, among other things, the four "Attack Bumpers" meet eight times a top of the screen. When a mission has been successfully completed, illuminates the blue lights on the center circle of the pitch and then one of the yellow balls, symbolizing the nine ranks of Starfleet.

play several balls at once

By Multi-Ball occasionally appear several balls on the screen simultaneously. This is especially tricky, as the player must react quickly in this case. Useful is the bump button with which you can shake like in a real pinball at the table. However, here threatens a match being abandoned by tilt when the player exaggerates this tool.

Microsoft 3D Pinball Download Keys

Microsoft 3D Pinball offers crafty cheating tricks for insider

We tell all friends Flipper some unofficial cheat tricks: If you want to sneak an extra ball, simply enters during the game 1MAX and immediately has an additional ball available. With GMAX changing the gravity and with the B MAX pinball friend plays endless, as time and again comes a new ball into play.

Fuel fill in debug mode

More cheat aids provides the Debug mode. Who typed in the game HIDDEN TEST, enters this mode and switches some functions freely. With the H key, the high score table can change it. B you get a new ball, with R promotion and F12 fuel the ship is automatically populated. Especially funny is the ability to hold the ball with the mouse at any point in debug mode and set to another.

Microsoft 3D Pinball Download Cheating

Cult pinball with nostalgic flair Of the Microsoft 3D Pinball Download brings the popular pastime million seasoned Windows users back to the desktop. The somewhat dated graphics offers plenty of nostalgia value and does the game no harm. The cult pinball game is just due to the Original implementation and the real machine sounds really fun. The control can be adjusted freely.