The Send WhatsApp Videos works much easier than sending photos. We explain step by step how it works and what the user should pay attention. Try now!

WhatsApp Videos send up to what size?

Photos and videos can be sent in an uncomplicated way to friends and colleagues by downloading WhatsApp for Android or iOS, whether they were taken yourself or not. However, there are size requirements when transmitting the stored video clips. Who will receive a message indicating that the transmitted video is too long and can not be sent, should be aware that WhatsApp sent videos only up to a size of 16 MB. This corresponds to a video clip of 90 seconds to three minutes and depends on the camera quality of the phone.

Too much video clips can shrink or convert

Therefore, too much video should be reduced, which also has the advantage that smaller video clips tolerated by the own mobile phone store. The reduction of WhatsApp video size for the bulk of the video is no noticeable difference in quality. Who wants to send longer videos, this should convert, reduce or cut into smaller video bite. As a basic rule, a WhatsApp video should be no larger than 16 megabytes to send it over the Messenger.

Those who want to reduce it, but do not shorten, simply change the file type and convert the clip in a more favorable format. Thus, reducing its size, but not the length. For converting the video clips are free programs we VirtualDub download or Freemake Video Converter download. The latter converts the video clips either in popular formats like MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MOV & Co. Multiple video files can be simultaneously convert in batch mode and so compress the WhatsApp videos.

Send WhatsApp VideosSend WhatsApp Videos: We show step by step how it works.

WhatsApp Videos forward on iPhones and Android smartphones

Anyone wishing to send a video that he has received previously, uses the routing function. To share a received on WhatsApp video chat contacts, the iPhone owner holding down the video finger until the option appears Forward. Now, tap it, then choose the arrow to the left bottom of the menu and finally the recipient from the contacts list. Similarly, it works with Android smartphones: Here hold on the video finger until it is highlighted in blue. Then select the arrow at the top right and in those contacts this box that will receive the clip.

Send new or self-recorded videos WhatsApp

If the user wants to send a new WhatsApp video, however, he selects the beneficiaries concerned, tapping the top right of the paperclip icon. Now there is a choice between a video from the gallery and the inclusion of a new film by camera. After the appropriate video clip was recorded or selected from the video gallery, the user simply presses the top right of the Send button. Previously he can add as accompanying info yet a caption or comment.