With free WinHotKey alert users hotkeys called to Windows new function. The freeware linked desired shortcut as "Windows"+ D with an arbitrary application, a document folder or window properties. After installing WinHotKey put users firmly in the settings of freeware which key combination you want to assign the function. In addition to keyboard shortcuts with the "Windows"Key shortcuts can be with the keys "Ctrl". "Old" and "Shift" combined with letter, number and function keys. Depending on the setting, the free WinHotkey associated with any applications or open documents and files. Even text entries can be started with the freeware. Furthermore, the characteristics of application windows with the tool can be influenced. Hotkeys can be used to move windows among other things, minimize or display in full screen mode. In practice WinHotKey facilitated with individual shortcuts to deal with Windows. However, some basic keyboard shortcuts the system can be with the freeware not change, such as the copy Ctrl + C. According to the manufacturer Windows 7 is not officially supported in the current version also.