Walking Dead: Road to Survival - Tips and Cheats

Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Tips and Cheats

With our Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Tips and Cheats it is easy to ensure the survival among the undead. learn how to survive the apocalypse!

After Walking Dead: Road to Survival Download players are initially faced with a plethora of options! It is essential for the continued success, to make the right decisions at the beginning.

Walking Dead: Road to Survival - Tips and Cheats

Walking Dead: Road to Survival – tips and cheats that lead to success

The game is a combination of structure and role play. In the construction phase, the aim of creating a protected zone from zombies. Here it is important to attract the right raw materials to produce food or to produce drugs and weapons. Some products can then be used in the role play part, everything is in itself of the team and the fight against the undead to cohesion. In the Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Tips and Cheats we will reveal to both parts of the game the best strategies:

Tips & Tricks to build up the base

The base consists of a series of buildings with different relevance. Most important is the town hall. This urgently needs an upgrade, because only then can be removed during the game to other buildings. In addition, the surface of the base is limited and will be expanded by upgrading to make room for additional buildings. To get enough space for materials and goods to have, players should also keep an eye on the camp. Here increase regular upgrades, the capacity and allow a freer handling and better management of raw materials and products. Tip: Most upgrades require wood, which is why players should think about a second production facility. To form a strong and ready for combat team, there is the training ground. Again, this should be updated regularly to unlock new courses.

Tips & Tricks to fights, weapons and characters

Faced with a challenge to look at the other person’s worth. So his strengths as team members and weapons can be selected. Most skill to first attack the undead in the immediate environment by Scrapper is. In the second step further away or barricading zombies can be evacuated by means of arms having a higher range of the way. In preparing the teams should be given to a good mix of both types of weapons. Whereby the selection of weapons depends on the character of the player character. Besides helping items that are produced in the workshop or provided as a reward available to decide the fight for themselves.

Cheats for Zombigame

Those following the Walking Dead: Road to Survival Tips now expects cheats will be disappointed. The game is free, but is funded through in-app purchases. Who wants to speed up the gameplay has to do this with hard currency. Accordingly, the developers have put a focus on it, yet useful items are neither unlimited coins for free. The circulating on the network APKs that promise like are on the one hand and on the other illegal malware.