Of the free download DigiJay brings a professional sound mixing program on the computer. Up to three sound card channels are supported. So two floors can reverberate simultaneously while one chooses with the Vorhörplayer new songs.

professionally replace music with the DigiJay Download

The freeware has been developed by a DJ with programming skills. First it should only be used for private use, the public has been yet made available. Thus, the tool developed by the easy access to your music software that provides other free DJ programs in the shade. The program can be applied to all computers with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 download and install. If more than one sound card is used, the sound cards must be assigned to each player. In addition, the software is compatible with USB Audio Interfaces, also supports standard DJ Midi controller.

DigiJay download

DigiJay offers brilliant user interface

The user interface of DJ program is well structured and understandable without much effort. Most functions are immediately recognizable or via drop-down menu at hand. Shuffling of files does drag & Drop. In the application, with a sound card, the player can be seen in the upper third, between the console is for mixing or blending. By the graph in the Waveform tempo adjustment is facilitated during manual mixing.

DigiJay Download Player

On the left side individual groups can be created. Overcharge folder or file loading, files can be assigned by the computer different groups. At choice the individual folders can be lifted off one another color. By clicking on that folder all the tracks appear in a separate list. From there, the music can be directly assigned to the respective players or put in the playlist. If you look at a title uncertain, this leaves between park in the Wish List.

DigiJay Download playlist

Practical: songs that have been used are marked with a note symbol. If a file has been played, a red minus sign appears next to the title. Thus include random repetitions even during long events of the past.

The tool combines functions of several DJ programs

The freeware is very versatile. It is suitable for mixing of music can play on several rooms with different music or is used as a jukebox with smooth transitions between individual songs. All play lists can be stored and manage easily. I move to folders on the computer are not a problem because the Synchronizer function to check whether the songs of a list still on the hard drive. Extensive DJ program with versatility In this performance, it is surprising that the download of DigiJay is still free. The user-friendly interface, ease of use and wealth of functions, the freeware has even paid programs long outdated.