in the Football Manager 2014 Download made by Sega can slip into the shoes known Manager and make their own skills to the test football fans. Manager must not hide behind Bundesliga license holders EA. The game comes along with an impressive database, intelligent tactical tricks and improved graphics: The role of football manager feels almost real.

Football Manager 2014 Download with licensing issues

The English team of developers Sports Interactive, which is behind the simulation series Football Manager, in a difficult position in Germany. Although the game has long since shaken off its secret status and celebrating worldwide success, we slowed it in Germany from the competition. Thus, the game maker Electronic Arts (EA), the Bundesliga license in Germany. Since belonging to the Japanese company Sega Kreativstudio not want to give up real player names and venues, it is only available abroad. The Football Manager 2014 Download this country is only available as an import. You should also be of English powerful, because you have to be content with an English interface. Remedy can create but German language files that are provided by the community at this point.

Football Manager 2014 Download

Football Manager 2014 with many highlights

Although an official release in Germany is not possible or was it also this football manager deserves to be screened times closer. One should at first start but do not be put off by the same optics and presentation of the game. Although the somewhat stiff and unoriginal layout looks less out of a game rather than for a data- and table-heavy program, but has much to offer. It quickly becomes clear at second glance that the download of Football Manager 2014 holds sophisticated Manager tactics that if one has once gathered a bring up to full speed. According to the manufacturer more than 1,000 improvements and innovations have been incorporated into the 2014er version.

Football software giant database

Apart from the German licenses where EA was faster, the football manager at an exorbitant license offer. Because of this, gamers can manage real players from around the world in the virtual football world. How big the database is one can begin using only the player names from England already. There are a some 9,000 players. The database is so huge that it makes even the name of the physiotherapist, a given team easily determined. But not only that: the database is even used in the real football world when clubs are scouting for new young talents. The attention to detail of the database in Football Manager 2014, the fact is probably due to that Sports Interactive in England is also active as a sponsor. In addition to the extensive number of players and interesting facts about the history of the clubs can be found in the database, etc. So can serve as a reference in terms of football history of the manager without problems.

The first steps after Football Manager 2014 Download

Who downloaded the Football Manager 2014 and the confusion has coped with respect to the optics, can now take action. The game offers two modes: career and online mode. In the career mode, the player between the Football Manager, Football Manager Classic and Challenger can choose. The former is the manager with all the functions and rights of the Classic manager has some limitations and Challenger can solve specific tasks. For example, you can play a Challenge, which in a season not a game may be lost. So there are certain conditions to which you must adhere.

Football Manager 2014 Download team

Uses the normal Football Manager mode you can the aspiring coaches and managers - in the UK blurred both positions - to choose his team or teams pass. For this, you can first select from some 50 nations one or more countries. Once this is done, the coach can decide what should be the lowest available league. One can, for example, move only in the first division or employ teams from the regional league. You may also specify at this point whether you want to work only with real player names, or rather fictitious player chases across the lawn. Are the first conditions set for the team, the manager can now create their own profile. In addition to standard queries such as name and so the user has the ability to determine his status here. Whether you position yourself as an unknown regional or world-famous coach manager, has an impact on the game. So you will quickly find that players will be motivated not so good of a coach insignificant, like a Ferguson.

Sound and graphics in football manager game

As you would expect from a good game from the wide selection of football software, football typical soccer Sounds brings Manager, 2014. The referee blows the whistle to boos or roar of fans is provided in the stadium for enough mood. However, there is no music.

Football Manager 2014 Download Graphics

The graphics of the Football Manager 2014 downloads has been greatly improved compared to its predecessors. The animations are cleaner and more realistic view of the processes. So rain is represented, for example, or the jerseys get dirty in the course of the game. The games can in 2D and 3D mode will be prosecuted. Even when working with real players, they are unfortunately represented only dimly. The player images and crests are not complete - here you have to hope back to the community. Positive but notice that tactical procedures and commands on the part of the manager to be implemented immediately in the flow of the game. Football manager with a huge database and tactics whistle The download of Football Manager 2014 is a game with extremely high search potential for football fans. Even users who otherwise rely EA should have a look into the game with its many tactical possibilities times.