Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun surgery

Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun surgery

The strategy game classic Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun’s surgery for free &# 45; namely including the extension Firestorm! In 2030, the Nod and the GDI still are facing, and Kane starts one of Blitzkrieg.

For the launch of Part IV free Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Download

C&C; is adjacent to one of the Starcraft and Warcraft classic as such on the strategy game sector. Additionally, in order to fuel the tension impatient gamers before the start of the fourth stage, Electronic Arts comes at the right moment with a clever marketing move around the corner. Time for the start of the Tiberian Twilight predecessor Tiberian Sun is available for free download. And as additional specialties grabs EA also the Games Expansion Firestorm on top.

Command & amp; Conquer Tiberian Sun Download operation

The battle between Nod and GDI continues

Tiberian Sun, erroneously considered part III in Germany, has already been published in 1999 and now available as a free download since of 2010. The continuation of the Tiberium series leads the relentless conflict between the Brotherhood of Nod and the GDI multinational force continued consistently. In 2030, the Brotherhood of Nod after the alleged death of Kane initially appears weakened. But the short break does not last long – the bitter war between the two parties going into the next round. What is new is the significant proportion of mechanized Sci-Fi components. So Robo units and amphibious vehicles make the game fun and make life difficult for the opponents.

New: Tiberian Sun assigns roles to real clever strategists

Fans of the series already during gaming Command & Conquer Red Alert for several nights have beaten around the ears, know how the wind at C&C; running. Also in Tiberian Sun, it is important to build soil, air and water units and organize. The whole thing is of course not without the necessary finances, the clever gamers still have to get up too. This requires resources, for example, degraded or summarily by spies in the enemy "loaned" become. as already known from its predecessors, the inclined strategy player can either put a GDI commander to defend, or as a henchman Kane’s worry about the surprise attack of the federated troops. New However, is that it no longer is just about any anonymous commander, but players for the first time take on the role of real actors. On the side of the Brotherhood is the role of Anton Slavik, the closest confidants Kane, are available. Whoever fights under the banner of GDI, is assumed as commander Michael McNeil General Solomon.

Command & amp; Conquer Tiberian Sun Download Operation Firestorm

Firestorm add-on introduces new features

That the expansion pack Firestorm in free Tiberian Sun Download Command & Conquer is included, gives the entire game in addition voltage and potential for conflict. Firestorm sends not only the new fraction Cabal into the race, it complements the Tiberium spectacle also some new features and exciting missions. With Cabal now arises a new armed force of artificial intelligence against humanity and introduces new weapons and technologies. Moreover, one can opt for single-player missions with story or against the computer as well as Internet and network games against human opponents – boring it will not soon be guaranteed. Between the individual missions also ensure – consuming at least for that time – Videos the necessary variety. Please note: In the Online version in multiplayer can be a impeccable gameplay not assured become. The reason is that the server in question were shut down years ago. Real-time pioneer strategy Timeless Since the early days a lot has in the game sector, especially when you look at the wide range of strategy games, done. Despite the many years that C&C; has continued with the Tiberian Sun already under his belt, it is one of the ultimate classics – and rightly so. The game offers timeless gameplay with a high voltage strategy and proportion. A must for all gamers! Tip for fans of the series: Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances ** ** is free and in the browser played!