YouCam Fun App

YouCam Fun App

It Never been so easy to shoot the perfect Funny Selfie as today. Besides selfie sticks and unusual poses help especially Apps to refine the portrait and aufzuhübschen and to decorate it with unusual stickers. Individualization promises YouCam Fun App – not only for photos, but for selfie video – all in accordance with the subtitle: Live Selfie filter.

Countless possibilities with YouCam Fun App

As the name suggests it, the tool for Android and iOS works primarily with filters that are supposed to generate the fun in pictures. These are in addition to regular, the whole image changing filters also partial filters and stickers that change the face and transform the photographed example, in an animal, or add accessories such as hats, wreaths or glasses.

YouCam Fun AppMany amusing options are available with the filter app. Try welcome!

In the Live Selfie filter app that happens can complete the filter in real time. That is, you can see the filter on the future image before it was ever shot. This simplifies the choice of accessories as well as the subsequent processing enormously.

Video sticker for more exercise

Even videos can be – in real time – embellish with YouCam Fun App. An exciting feature is the video Sticker. These can be placed on a particular area in the video and then just move with in due course. In practice, this is the way also if you want to cover something in the video. Then simply walking with a smiley or another sticker on the hidden part and the viewer can not see what is behind it.

With the integrated beauty editor, portraits can still embellish beforehand. Then just shoot the perfect photo and save annoying processing time. Backgrounds and frames can also be added. About the app both photos and videos also can be quickly and directly share with friends.

How to make the best selfies, we show the way in this separate article. Other programs and apps for image processing, there is also free in the download folder.