MaxiVista makes the second computer to the second screen. In addition, the desktop specialist allows the use of multiple computers with just one set of keyboard, mouse and monitor - without additional hardware. But one by one: Normally, a PC does not monitor input. MaxiVista makes it possible, however, the secondary PC to use notebook etc. as a secondary display by the data is transmitted at a high compression. Up to three computers can then turn into additional monitors is transmitted over the network, WLAN, USB or FireWire. The maximum desktop size increases so to 7,680 x 1,600 pixels. In the software KVM mode, you can use up to four PCs with a single keyboard, mouse, monitor keystroke. The entries are then run on the currently selected computer. Even the login screen can thus be controlled remotely - virtually! The clipboard multiple PCs synchronized MaxiVista, thus facilitating the exchange of data between multiple computers. Once files, pictures or texts can be copied to the clipboard, MaxiVista transmits the information via Clipboard Sharing the clipboard all other connected computers. Furthermore, the screen contents of a PC can be mirrored to another PC. Presenters can use it, for example, send the screen contents of their laptops via wireless network transmission to a second PC. MaxiVista has a great benefit when working with multiple computers simultaneously, creating desktop clutter. The expansion of the desktop is a good thing, saving the secondary display by using as a notebook.

Limitations of MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software

14 days trial version 50 program starts max. The demo supports only a second PC and a monitor.