Of the MonKey Office Download provides a fully integrated solution to handle the operational order processing. The current version is available for free in the basic version.

MonKey Office Download with cash book and address management

The freeware MonKey Office brings cash book, address management for customers and suppliers and open item management with. The OP module also has reminders and payment orders is right on board. In terms of financial accounting of the Office Wizard now provides bank statements with file attachments such as scanned original documents. In addition, reminder texts are stored here, so adjustments are obsolete in the print forms. Also included are the two modules accounting and financial accounting, but only as a demo version.

MonKey Office DownloadMonKey Office Download with cash book and address management

Easily create quotes and invoices

The ReWe module takes care of the creation of quotes and invoices. In financial accounting module, however, control messages are created, depreciation calculated etc. and sent tax returns via ElsterFormular, which also consolidated explanations are possible. Furthermore MonKey Office has interfaces to DATEV Pro and GDPdU, whereby the data transfer is much easier on the accountant or auditor. Recently, the office workers also brings a printout for Advance Tax Message forms with, both for German and Austrian tax authorities. Many other programs in the field of financial accounting can be found in our software offering.

Limitations of MonKey Office

Basic version for free. The fee-based modules Accounting & Financial accounting can be started 50 times.