Centennial Calendar

Of the Centennial Calendar Download shows startling recurring weather events. These are based on the assumption that the heavenly bodies moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury would in fixed cycle sequentially each for a year from the beginning of spring until the end of winter a decisive influence on the weather. Therefore, it is sufficient as "100 Year Calendar" to make already over any seven-year period accurate weather observations to predict the weather reliably.

Centennial calendar download based on Mauritius Knauer's observations in the Blue Tower

A hundred years old calendar, the patterns were discovered in the weather records for the first time from Mauritius Knauer in the 17th century. The abbot of the monastery Langheim lived from 1613 to 1664 and dedicated his life to the study of weather phenomena, His Calendarium Oeconomicum practicum perpetuum should help him and his monks as well as possible to predict the weather in Franconia and so bring optimum returns for the monastic agriculture. What Mauritius Knauer called in the 17th century in his monastery at the observatory in "blue tower" has researched, stood in the tradition of the ancient astrologers. Knauer looked to the stars, since the crops are dependent on the fields of the weather and the weather turn of cosmic influences. He wanted to ask the monks and peasants rules are available for them to find the right time for sowing and harvesting.

Centennial Calendar DownloadCentennial Calendar Download with predictions arbitrary years and periods

100 Year Calendar really should read 7 Year Calendar

By no means a centenarian calendar claims to the weather repeats itself exactly every hundred years. Rather, based on a 100-year calendar on the assumption that the weather on the whole resembles every seven years. Within the seven-year cycle a centenarian calendar is constructed strictly in the following order: year of Saturn, year of Jupiter, year of Mars, year of sunshine, year of Venus, Mercury and the year of the year of the moon. Knauer led for seven years meticulously diary about the weather. He saw these seven years as a period in the great rhythm of the planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. After each celestial body has been as ruler for a year in the row, the cycle begins again.

  • Saturn Year 2000 2007 2014 2021
  • Jupiter Year 2001 2008 2015 2022
  • Mars Year 2002 2009 2016 2023
  • Sun-Year 2003 2010 2017 2024
  • Venus Year 2004 2011 2018 2025
  • Mercury Year 2005 2012 2019 2026
  • Moon Year 2006 2013 2020 2027

Centennial calendar begins in the spring

Every year in a 100-year calendar is assigned in the order of a planet: the planet years each start on March 21 and in the following year on 20 March. So it's the beginning of spring on the transition from one planet to another. The calculation is more complicated than it first appears. First, the planetary year is determined. An example: The Mars 2016 begins on March 21, 2016 and ends on 20 March 2017. The fact that there is a Martian year, shows the following statement: The year 2016 will be reduced by four, that gives 2012. This year are divided by seven. This gives 287 third with balance balance 3 = position 3, so 2016 is a Martian year.

Centennial Calendar DownloadThe 100-year calendar assigns a planet to one year.

Even today, strange similarities in the predictions

A hundred years old calendar Knauer Calendarium was later designated by the operating physician in Erfurt Christoph von Hellwig. The plant was named under the title of a 100-year calendar for the summary table on the distribution of years under the individual planets. Even if the predictions are untenable from a meteorological point of view, there are some strange similarities, however, are considered by scientists to be coincidences. Users can very well do with the Centennial Calendar download own picture of the reliability of the forecasts.

Centennial Calendar WebApp for any year

The Centennial calendar download shows as WebApp for any year a fundamental Weather all days of the year. Who wants to know, for example, what the 100-year calendar for July 2016 predicts, simply click on the year 2016 and will take place from July 1 to 11 "great heat, day and night, which can cause fires, even hail are possible", It continues with to 21 July of 12 "cloudy and a little cool weather with rain"Followed by 22 to 27 with "clear and warm weather" before there is rainy weather end of the month. Those looking for more weather forecast tools for free download, will find it in our catalog.