Arabic Keyboard online 2023

Arabic Keyboard online

Of the Arabic Keyboard Online Download makes its name, helping PC users when Typing of texts in Arabic script. For this purpose, the free web app to their users an onscreen keyboard available that basically is also suitable as a learning program.

Arabic Keyboard Online Download: Web App virtual Arabic keyboard

So the Arabic Keyboard Online is, according to their provider for example, the to learn dealing with an Arabic keyboard, without having to buy one. In this case, the runs Tap Arabic texts, as you would normally type passages in Latin letters. But with the difference that not only the Letters are converted in Arabic Font, but also the orientation of the Writing from right to left runs.

Arabic Keyboard Online Download

Captures Arabic texts without changes and additional hardware or software

for this must neither the keyboard layout yet converted Arabic fonts purchased become. Also the download of foreign software, such as that found in a wide variety in our program offering, is not mandatory.

Shift key reveals symbols of Arabic Keyboard

By pressing the shift key shows the Arabic Keyboard Online Web App analogous to Western keyboards to their special character. This includes not only the brackets in various versions include @ -, percentages and dollar signs and the Arabic vowels. Fatha, Kasra and Damma Although be reproduced in writing except in poetry as a rule, but are now even with the Arab keyboard to it. The same applies to the so-called Hamza.

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Operating the screen keyboard using the mouse possible

Incidentally, the Arabic Keyboard Online can also be very easily used with the mouse. This comes in handy when you when to Retyping Arabic texts not really want to deal with the keyboard layout language. In addition, you should Free Arabic Keyboard not to be confused with a translation program – you should here already know what to type or have available at least one legible template for copying.

Free web app looks beyond the keyboard edge

The Arabic Keyboard online web app informs the curious also to some issues in the field of Arab culture. Although the relevant articles are all kept quite short and sweet, but cover for a range of topics from which the linguistic about movies and epicurean to Information about travel to the United Arab Emirates rich and music of the Arab world. For a first glimpse of the quite animated for further explorations, these scarce web texts are always a good thing and round the Arabic Keyboard online makes sense from.

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