The program name GIMP was in its origins to General Picture Manipulation Program. Although the G shortened now GNU, and thus refers to the free nature of the software, but still is the area of ​​application as an imaging for a variety of uses.

Free image editing with the GIMP Download

After installing and launching the GIMP Download first shows of a rather unusual side. The freeware comes from the Linux environment and make of it also no real secret: The Windows-standard design of the user interface is initially caught, instead, the image editor presented in the form of several, seemingly independent program window. This unusual appearance can now but a single-window mode change, bringing something GIMP approaches to the Windows conventions. Anyway: In view of the fact that, for example, the top dog when it comes to image editing, Photoshop, also works with more tool palettes, the demonstrative frown on the GIMP interface appears sometimes a little excessive.

gimp download

Because can you look after GIMP download on the slightly different operation of the photo manipulator one, this has quite a lot to offer. Layer management, many drawing, painting and retouching tools, including of several brushes, a path-tool for precise Cut - neither Photoshop nor the vast majority of alternative programs for image processing in our software catalog GIMP has to fear comparison.

GIMP image editor leaves little to be desired

Hardly in this case, but unfortunately that but one remains open and is calling himself CMYK support. While GIMP files open in this four-color mode, processes them and also offers a CMYK color palette, comes out at the end but then RGB, namely an abundant dark by the color conversion at that. Otto Normalanwender will hardly interfere with this shortcoming, however, GIMP catapulted by the fact the squad in the professional print sector-purpose programs.

With the GIMP download pictures edit advanced scripted control

GIMP that still represents a serious image editing program, but may become clear when you look at the option of its Script Control concerned. As with Photoshop can be with these macros also complex processes, automate and set to work without user intervention. these sequences can be programmed to date in Perl, Python, Tcl and in the experimental stage in Ruby.

Image processing and optimization can be downloading GIMP but also accomplish manually. For this, the menu keeps colors as tools for Correction of brightness and contrast, hue and saturation or willing to adjust individual colors. Here, too, find the Curves and the histogram, the skilled remove the distribution of the color values ​​in the image.

Wide range of effects and filters

Also not to miss can be quite GIMP broad range of effects and filters, is missed with the help of digital photography nor the certain touch. These can be in addition to soft focus, distortion and the like and animated GIFs generate - without significant effort.

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