cancel Pokémon GO account lock: So klappt`s!

Pokémon GO account lock revoked and set the ban repealed: read here how to make unlock his account after a punishment with a little luck!

Meanwhile goes Niantic - the developer of the AR Games - much stricter against users before that manipulate their GPS data to hunt rare monsters to fill arenas to farm Pokéstops. But also smaller "offenses" such as the download and use of third-party applications such as the Poke Radar app are punished.

Imposed after the release of Pokémon GO only soft ban of a few hours, now threatens the general blocking of the account. Who caught it, can try in this way to make the spell reversed.

When imposed Niantic a Pokémon GO account lock?

Who wants to play Pokémon GO, previously has the TOS or accept. In principle, a spell danger if one violates these terms of use. The list of possible offenses is quite long, here's a selection of the most important points:

  • the violation of the rights of other individuals or groups and the proliferation of illegal, obscene o. Ä. content
  • unauthorized entry into land and buildings (in the hunt for rare Pokémon)
  • disguising the identity (e.g., at multiple accounts or account sharing)
  • The use of automation software, bots, spiders, crawlers, data mining tools or hacks
  • extract content, copy, index or flip (so work all the cards with which the monsters are easier to detect)
  • unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the services and infrastructure of Niantic (for example, by manipulating GPS data)

Whoever takes one such offenses and is caught, must expect a long-term Pokémon GO account lock.

What to do if you were banned?

Until now, you could only create a new account and start from scratch. Meanwhile, however, user accounts were incorrectly blocked by Niantic. This can happen due to natural fluctuations in the GPS data. After the first criticism was that developers have now given way to lift the Pokémon GO account lock. On the one hand are gradually released again locked profiles. This applies especially to users who Pokéscanner and Maps in use had.

Pokémon GO account lockWith a little luck you can fill out the form, pick the Pokémon GO account lock through.

If activation does not occur automatically, users have the option to make an application for it. Here, the reason for the application must also be mentioned alongside e-mail address and name coach. Who can prove that he was illegally detained, also has the ability to add files. After application, it may however take some time until the account is free again. Moreover, the opportunities for those poor, manipulated your GPS data or used a bot stand have. In these cases, Niantic understands little fun.