MOV Player

Of the free download from MOV Player brings a very modest equipped video player to the computer. The program plays all the movies from the Apple QuickTime format .mov marked usually with the extension. The basic commands such as coils, stopping, etc. are at the players on board, but nothing more.

MOV Player Download for playing QuickTime videos

Videos with the extension .mov are generated by Apple video in Quicktime format. These videos are generated for example, when shooting with the iPhone. But many lavishly produced video films are available as MOV file on the network. In the past, this type of video was not very common on Windows PCs, let alone popular. But there are still a lot of free video player that will be able to play QuickTime videos. This can include the small MOV Player is one download. The video player running on Windows from 2000 and younger. However, he is not as stable in Windows 8th

MOV Player Download

MOV player does the job

Who starts the video player for download and installation for the first time, should prepare for a short moment of shock. The playback device comes with a completely black surface to the PC. This is unusual and for the user initially used to. In addition, apart from the large black area to see menu bar or the like, since it is in the factory setting. Only when you move the mouse over it, the commands appear as mouseover. However, the buttons can be show as needed. But even if the display of the commands has been made, the surface is straightforward.

Small range of features in the video player

As you can already see the layout of the player, he does not bring huge Funktionspallette with with gimmicks and frills. He is satisfied with the most important functions, the user sees immediately. So, the users with the MOV Player Download able to play QuickTime videos to stop them, forward and rewind. Also, subtitles are supported by the player. Moreover, the media player logs the video playback and creates lists. These can be deleted, edited and saved. Also included is a handy search option to present his friends on the fly his favorite clips.

MOV Player Download Options

The player can change course in full-screen mode. Those who want to comfortably watch movies, should also do so. For as long as the program is in the "normal mode", the user shall permanently recorded advertising. This can be annoying little at a cozy movie night. Special MOV video player without extras The player is both functional and visually kept narrow. He concentrates on his main task: The playback of QuickTime videos. Those looking for features beyond, looking in vain. Users good and none of the extras like are correct here. However, the player should always best to run in full screen mode to avoid advertising.