QuickDic stands as a reference guide students and all those available, the words from English into German and vice versa translate must. The free dictionary dominated not only the word translation, and it is a specialist phrases. The database of the translator is expanded slightly by its own terms. QuickDic appears next to the correct case and the phonetic transcription to facilitate pronunciation harder words. The database contains over 300,000 terms that are easily researched by searching. Even regular expressions support this application. To facilitate the learning vocabulary, are learning games available that convey the concepts in a loosening Game. QuickDic provides the user with information about the semantics (meaning) and correct bending of verbs. In addition, the translation program word alternatives displays. QuickDic is learner as a competent virtual teacher aside. Just once look up a word prepares special joy with the freeware as it afloat respond promptly and outputs a result. Extended to personal terms results in a more powerful vocabulary for the profession and leisure.