ARD Radio Crime Scene download maintains Friends of the crime genre with free radio plays. The operated by ARD Web service holds the current radio drama thriller ARD radio stations before a live stream, podcast and download.

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ARD Radio Tatort provides abundant information about the ARD radio plays in the area of ​​crime. In addition to the radio-transmission data users can listen to or the current crime radio play online draw as MP3 file locally on the computer. The links to the live streams and audio samples can be found in an overview. So you do not miss a result, the radio play downloads can also as Podcast.

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Every month a new exciting radio drama

The radio drama series ARD Radio Tatort is produced by the ARD state broadcasting corporations and sent. The first episode was released in January 2008 and since then Crime friends can look forward every month to a new exciting thriller. Compared to the TV scene, the radio plays are much shorter. As the maximum length applies 55 minutes. So they can send messages between two blocks completely.

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The 10 favorite scene consequences

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Similar in concept to the TV scene

The concept, the radio scene continues the great example television. In each of the produced by the state broadcasting corporations radio drama episodes acts a solid regional team of investigators and clarifies the crime. So be expected, for example, that the homicides are informed by the Bavarian police at BR-scene. The detective radio plays of the Bayerischer Rundfunk thus also play in the fictitious Upper Bavarian village of Bruck am Inn, but based on real criminal cases the happened.

ARD Radio Tatort is subscribed to as podcasts

By 2009 return is ARD Radio Tatort be downloaded and subscribed to as podcasts. However, some earlier radio play sequences sometimes only excerpts are available. Since 2008, more than 80 episodes of the ARD Radio crime scene have been prepared and published. On the web pages can be seen on every issue, a cover image of the illustrator Jürgen Frey. According to ARD, the radio drama series has been found over a million listeners. Other audio books are available for free download in our software offering.

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