Of the mp3DirectCut download is used for cutting of music files. Here, however, the freeware goes beyond the conventional interface functions of other free tools. To cut parts from audio files out, shredded it sets comfortably cut marks into several parts, or for splitting entire mixes and albums. One takes with the MP3 editing program the way directly to and performs various actions for volume optimization as Fade In / Out and Normalize by.

mp3DirectCut download and installation

The download of mp3DirectCut itself is beautifully kept slim. During installation you can hardly go wrong actually. The only relevant inquiry to the user checks after installation if the program settings in the user folder, or in the program folder itself should be saved. If you decide here for saving the program folder and selects as such a directory on a mobile medium such as a USB flash drive, the MP3 Zerschnipsler can now also use portable.

MP3 intersect with the MP3 Direct Cut Download

MP3 cut with many possibilities

The possibilities of a full-blown free audio editing Downloads though often somewhat far-reaching compared to mp3DirectCut, but also more confusing with "too many" Functions. A decision on a software to just only to cut audio files, you will encounter a variety of other free audio editing programs that offer just one option for the cut. mp3DirectCut however, is in music section of a true professional, Dateils this below. Besides the editing software saves decode MP3s to WAV for further processing - this makes namely otherwise virtually every common cutting program to MP3. This file will be opened much faster and on top of that account for a loss of quality during repeated round Herwandeln between MP3 and WAV - even if nowadays anyway really minimal fails.

Various departmental functions

cut a MP3 takes with mp3DirectCut only a few seconds, whether you want to cut a music file into two parts or extract a single passage. If you want to remove the portion of the MP3 file that's the same fix as when you want to precisely saving the part: set markers, choose appropriate function from the File menu and from it. That the marks are optimally set, is controlled by various play modes: To play starts at your fingertips from a selectable marker, from the marking start, end date, or plays the mark in a loop from. Markings and sets one shifts optionally optically with the mouse in the zoomable waveform display, or moves them frame accurate, ie in the technically smallest possible step size.

Cut MP3: Setting bookmarks with mp3DirectCut Dowload

To split whole mixes or albums into several pieces, it is also Crop marks by which one can cut the MP3. The parts are then optionally stored as individual files, or mp3DirectCut generates a cue sheet, thus a small text file that contains only the positions of cut marks. With cue sheets to burn so either from a large audio file, an audio CD with multiple tracks, or load the sheet into an audio player with corresponding function, then instead of one large file represents several songs in the playlist. An audio player with support for cue sheets, for example, the popular VLC media player.

create crop marks: Manual or automatic

The generation of the crop marks described can be either manually while listening to mouse or press the Delete key to perform, or comfortable automatic. While this does not work with any mix, because this of mp3DirectCut download requires a usable clue. This is typically a drop in the volume below a certain value, or even a break of a certain duration. Followed by the associated function-oriented search breaks, is set in the Special menu. Alternatively, share music lovers to mix in parts of certain lengths. The corresponding function is called Auto Cue and sets a cue point at adjustable intervals. Cue points can be manually designate the corresponding file names of individual files are desired then generates - including parameters for automatically attaching Tiltelnummern etc.

digitize records & Sound Check

Besides all the great editing features audio tool casually puts fade ins / outs, so insertions and fade, marked sections and normalize the level. In normalizing the highest volume peak is searched for in the audio, and this up- to a selectable value or decreased. Depending on the rest of the MP3 files is up or down. A really cool feature is the Turbo-receiver for receiving records. Thanks to this nice features just play LPs onto 45RPM, instead of 33, and the software calculates the speed afterwards back down. This saves time equal time by a factor of 1.35.

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mp3DirectCut Download Editor's Rating