BitDisk Free protects Windows computers from data loss with a virtual system image. The free helper lays similar to the operating system when Windows starts a system restore point and sets after restarting the previous system state restore. Once installed on the PC BitDisk Free protects all content on the computer. After a restart, the freeware the original state of the system completely and automatically ago up to the last byte again. How does this work? It's simple: During the BitDisk Free install a virtual image of the system is created - including all programs installed and the personal settings and stored files. From that point on, the system is protected against data loss through any system crashes or viruses - if the disk is not physically damaged. Changes or data storage takes the free helper only point to the user's request. With BitDisk Free users to connect for free from a kind of insurance against data loss. An advanced paid version of BitDisk is also available for download. download BitDisk