With Flash Keyboard for Android is an extra fast keyboard app on the smartphone, which provides a number of useful and entertaining extras.

Flash Keyboard AndroidFlash Keyboard for Android is a fast keyboard in breathtaking style.

Flash Keyboard Android: Fast Smiley keyboard with individual design

The app brings all the features that make the pre-installed standard keyboards sorely missed on Android. Among the very practical benefits include auto-correction, which speaks several languages ​​simultaneously. The usual suggestions for word completion and the following terms have been integrated. If you prefer a different design, has with Flash Keyboard Android two ways to customize the design of the keyboard. One is through the download of the available skins in large numbers and on the other you can create personal color schemes in the settings. In addition to the practical advantages of the keyboard also offers a lot of pleasure. Over 400 emoji, the tool maintains that is simple to insert in the text and can easily share in all social networks.

Flash Keyboard Android SkinsIn addition to the default skins, users can also create your own designs.

create your own stickers

In addition to the smileys and emoji, there are a number stickers for different areas and needs. However, these are not pre-installed, so users can mix and match packages and downloaded from the port on their device. Smiley the keyboard by internally generated Sticker particularly is. With their own snapshots and the matching template new stickers can create and send in a snap. Even GIFs and creating your own templates allows Flash Keyboard for Android. Those who want to type faster and with fewer errors in different languages ​​and also send personal messages, you should download the alternative keyboard. Both the download and the use of the keyboard will be charged. Even on the now usual in-app purchases waived the developers.

The user decides: playful or stylish

The keyboard app is suitable both for design purists for Smiley-obsessed teenager. can be adapted to the user's needs both appearance and function spectrum. Through the optional extensions that can be downloaded on demand, the app remains narrow and does not waste unnecessary resources.