With the Invitation cards Wedding Download sent the happy wedding couple chic animated invitation cards to the best day of your life to share with friends and relatives on their own happiness.

Invitation cards Wedding Download: 10 different motifs

The Kisseo Web App provides beautifully animated and set to music virtual invitations to the wedding. Who will get the wedding invitations by mail. can look at a real small film. Ten different designs are available to the wedding couple to choose from here. All wedding cards can be sent free of charge. The operation is quite simple here: just select the subject and enter the email addresses of the wedding guests. Information about title, first name, name, email, country and birthday have an entry in the wedding invitations the sender.

Invitation cards Wedding Download

Additional text field for a personal message in the wedding invitation cards

Useful is the ability to select which day the wedding invitation cards will end up in the mailbox of the guests. A separate text box below the invitation card is available to send along a personal message, such as more detailed information at the time and place of the wedding feast. The following are the titles of the ten wedding invitation cards:

  • A special day:
  • Wedding invitation with dandelion
  • We are going to marry
  • invitation to the wedding
  • We are getting married
  • We say Yes
  • invitation to the wedding
  • We invite you to our wedding
  • silver wedding
  • Thank you

Invitations wedding wedding invitations download

Interactive invitation cards for wedding

at "A special day" is it is an invitation that fits well with a wedding, but can also be sent on other occasions. The "Wedding invitation with dandelion" is an interactive invitation to the wedding. The recipient clicks the dandelion, whereupon a wedding couple and the text "We are going to marry" appears. The map "We are going to marry" informs the recipient that the happy couple getting married. The wedding invitation shows a kissing bride and groom, as well as the next card "invitation to the wedding"Which additionally presents a golden heart and rousing South American rhythms.

Invitations wedding download wedding cards

Invitation cards for silver wedding anniversary and thanks for the wedding gifts

at "We are getting married" Two birds to see which are connected with two wedding rings. In the noble animated wedding card "We say yes" get flowers into play. A small fireworks for the wedding fire "invitation to the wedding" from, whereas the wedding card "We invite you to our wedding" makes discreet and stylish attention to the approaching marriage. Who has been married a little longer, can with "silver wedding" invite his friends to this anniversary. at "Thank you" is it Finally, a card that allows the couple to guests can express to appear before the wedding ceremony and the wedding gifts subsequently Acknowledgments.

Most awards to the wedding

Most awards to the wedding

The best lines to the wedding: Famous Quotes about love and marriage. inspiration here leave for wonderful wedding sayings!

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