Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire it is, a remove stack of cards in a pyramid shape. Everything rotates around the number. 13

Pyramid Solitaire download as classic for Patience Friends

In order to master the question posed by Pharaoh task should after Pyramid Solitaire Download two cards are clicked, the together the numerical value 13 result. Then they disappear and make room. The King has the value 13 and can be removed as a single card. The lady, however, has the value 12, which is Jack 11 through to Ace with the value 1. Thus, the player needs a card duo for example, a lady and an ace or a jack and a second objective of entertaining solitaire game is to to remove all the cards from the pyramid by combining them without regard to their colors in pairs.

Pyramid Solitaire Download

Seven rows of cards in a pyramid shape

Initially, 28 cards are automatically placed in seven rows in the form of a pyramid Pyramid Solitaire. Among them is the deck of cards. Here you can uncover card for card, to enable new combinations and make them disappear card duo. Of course, only those cards can select it, who are not covered by others. The player can remove a mouse click any pairs of cards from the pyramid or the discard pile, which together result in the value 13, for example, an ace and a queen. The king is one alone already 13 points and can be made to disappear without a partner card.

Sound and music can be set

If no train seems possible, players click on the talon to get a new card into play. In the settings you can Adjust sound and music to their own habits and preferences. Notorious office player thus ensure that colleagues are not disturbed at the adjacent workstations. In addition, the player has the choice between the window view and full screen mode. By clicking on the question mark of solitaire friend can get a quick start guide in German.

Entry in the top list of Pyramid Solitaire

The score obtained is constantly completely scrolled in the upper left corner eingeblendet.Wenn the Talon and no moves are possible, comes prompt a message, the points awarded can be transmitted into the popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or by e-mail to friends. Without logging an entry in the high score list of the game is available as a guest. This always contains the high scores that were earned by Patience-friends from around the world in the latest week. After each game of Pyramid whether the player wishes to take on a new round of attack or whether he wants to go to the start menu is done. Those looking for more Patience variants, will find in our extensive download offer.

Pyramid Solitaire Download high score

Patience classic with high entertainment value Pyramid Solitaire download is a classic among solitaire games. The freeware can be played without much usually study and has a high entertainment world. Just the thing for a couple of quick games in the lunch break!