World Clock

Of the World Clock download presents the times in all time zones of the world at a glance. So with the world clock, for example at international sporting events at once based on a geographical map see how many hours the respective local time from the Central European Time is different.

World Clock Download: All time zones around the world at a glance

Our Central European Time, abbreviated to CET, applies for the German-speaking countries and territories and other parts of Europe and Africa as a legally valid time. The CET corresponds to the mean solar time at the longitude of 15 degrees East. The difference to the world time UTC is +1 hour, which is abbreviated as UTC + 1. In the summer months so known UTC + 2 applies to us the Central European Summer Time (CEST), so that the difference to the world time +2 hours increased. This thus corresponds to the mean solar time at the longitude of 30 degrees East. Coordinated Universal Time UTC was introduced as valid world time of the year 1972nd In contrast to universal time (Universal Time UT) UTC follows the fluctuations of the Earth's rotation by leap seconds.

World Clock downloadThe World Clock download shows as Web App displays the current time in all time zones of the world.

Exact time difference from the Central European Time to read

Often arises just the sports interested contemporaries the question to which local time sporting events like the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup, for example, in Australia, Brazil and Japan take place and above all, to which Central European time they are in this country televised. A look at the world clock download answered all these questions without further explanations. The world clock Web App presents for all time zones of the world, the exact difference to Central European Time and the local of around 80 cities worldwide.

because of their size, some countries have multiple time zones

An example: If you want to pursue as a tennis friend the annual Australian Open in Melbourne on television, added according to World clock for 10 hours CET. So if a game at 16 o'clock local time takes place, you have to get up in the middle of the night to punctually at 2:00 to watch the match in the morning. When looking at the world time map is striking that some countries because of their size have multiple time zones. In Australia, for example, three. The east coast is here the West Coast two hours ahead.

World Clock download time zonesAustralia has due to its own size equal to three different time zones.

Locally different light saving time, make the calculations more complicated

It is similar when looking at the world time in the US. Who directs our attention to a sporting event in New York, will have to deduct from the central European time of six hours, according to World clock. For Los Angeles there are even entire nine hours. the division into 24 time zones appears quite simple at first glance. The matter will, however, greatly complicated by locally different light saving time, and also by the half hour steps, especially in Asia. However, the World Clock download provides clarity, as there is always the valid time information is shown in the time zones. Those looking for other useful tools for traveling to free download, find it in our extensive software catalog.