Of the TweakPower download provides Windows users with numerous tools for optimizing the system under a clear interface.

TweakPower Download: classic amongst tuning tools

In TweakPower is a classic of the tuning tools, which reports back after a long break with a revised version. TweakPower simplifies complicated optimization process and offers direct access to the system settings and various hidden options. Among other Windows users exchange with the popular tuning tool system and desktop icons, and optimize network and memory.

TweakPower downloadTweakPower download as a free tuning tool for Windows systems (Picture: Kurt Zimmermann)

split, encrypt and dispose of files

The drive and security settings can be made in a convenient manner. TweakPower also active as a charwoman for Windows. In addition, the user can split files, encrypt and dispose irrevocably with a data shredder. It supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Delete Internet tracks and clean up PC

TweakPower cleans hard drives of unnecessary files and cleans up the Windows registry. Internet tracks of all kinds can be deleted with just one click. Even with the system maintenance, the freeware tool provides helpful services. It helps to manage startup programs, autoplay and scheduled tasks. An uninstaller is on board to uninstall any programs or change. Furthermore, the Windows user can check disks for errors and fix some common Windows problems.

TweakPower Download CleanerTweakPower is also active as a charwoman and clears the PC. (Picture: Kurt Zimmermann)

TweakPower Adds Security

The appearance of Windows can be fully adapted to their own desires, including the colors, window frames, icons and buttons, start and login screen and the Start menu. In terms of security of TweakPower download has a lot to offer: All the major security features of Windows can be made easily to protect your PC: From configuring and managing firewall settings, and Windows Defender to automatic updates, UAC and security Center.

TweakPower Download System SettingsSystem Settings optimization (Picture: Kurt Zimmermann)

Who wants to delete private data from the hard disk is encrypted via AES this method and removes the original files. TweakPower also provides more stability and performance. In turbo mode, just numerous unnecessary background features of Windows and programs are temporarily shut down. The Economy mode optimizes the battery life significantly, by reducing the energy consumption of the processor and unnecessary background processes are disabled.

Extensive tuning toolkit

All changes of TweakPower can at any time withdraw again and reset the system files and settings of your computer to a previous state also restore points. If desired, the user performs a full backup or restore the registry.

Numerous additional programs are included in the extensive tuning toolkit. These range from the File Splitter, the files of any size into several parts splits up to defragmentation, which should help to speed up the loading time of programs and accelerate the opening and copying files. A task manager is used to manage ongoing programs and always shows the CPU load and memory usage.

TweakPower Download TuningTweakPower offers numerous tuning tools and tools for Windows. (Picture: Kurt Zimmermann).