Full Version Special: Simply Good Pictures

The full version special Simply Good Pictures can be downloaded and activated free of charge from the manufacturer just today. Promotional period over! Here you can find the current Simply Good Pictures. For that, users get a tourist class, but nevertheless effective image optimizer including support of several RAW formats of digital cameras. The Standards JPEG, BMP and TIFF opens Simply Good Pictures and does rework without great effort and a lot of expertise, namely automated. This involves the removal of unsightly artifacts due to excessive image compression, as well as noise reduction. Also on tonal values, contrast and brightness, (un) sharpness and white balance sets Simply Good Pictures on hand. The same applies to impact of adverse weather conditions such as fog. An automatic object detection limits the optimizations to those subject areas that are relevant for a better photo. Along with improvements in terms of color and color saturation helps Simply Good Pictures thus more brilliant images, and without manual tinkering of settings. Only four sliders, the user must use to give any time retain their impact in view thanks to a live preview - particularly recommended for beginners! Note: After installing the full version special Simply Good Pictures, a window for registration on the monitor. After the local record of the name and a valid email address, first comes a link to a manufacturer's website by an electric post. They will give you an activation code that must be entered into the corresponding data field on first launch to activate. Who, incidentally, puts on Advanced RAW support and editing images beyond the 40 megapixel value, which the shareware successor Simply Good Pictures warmly recommend. Also this image optimizer we list in our software catalog.

Limitations of full version Special: Simply Good Pictures

Full version after free registration from the manufacturer