Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Aurora 3D Animation Maker

With the Aurora 3D Animation Maker Download the user receives the test version of a powerful animation tool. Thanks to countless templates and editing tools, the user is using the program to be able to create professional animated Web graphics in 3D. The completed animated works can be output either as a moving GIF, as a Flash file or video.

Websites highlight the Aurora 3D Animation Maker Download

Those who want to stand out with its web design from the crowd, needs a bit more than a few beautiful pictures and a nice layout. Users can decide in less than a second whether to stay on a website or leave. To keep users, so an eye-catcher, for example, animated logos, banners and buttons must be found in 3D. there is a wide range of software downloads for this task to create GIF images. A tool that has this distinguished themselves by their strength and complexity of Aurora 3D Animation Maker download. Despite these features, it is suitable not only for professionals but equally for entry-level animators. This is ensured by a variety of templates and the user-friendly interface.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker Download

Download and install the animation software

In the present download is a trial version. This is suitable for Windows Operating Systems Version 8.7, Vista and XP. Download and installation take place smoothly. Side note: If a C ++ at the start of the animation Makers – emerge error message, the video card driver must be installed. The manufacturer does not recommend to use the standard Windows display adapter driver.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker packed with features

The program takes you to a variety of tools that make professionals happy and on the other hand sufficient tools to grab the newcomers under the arms. So the tool has around 40 fonts in the luggage and animation templates and SVG elements. If necessary so the predefined templates and examples can be used and modified. Professionals can thanks to an integrated drawing module, with the vector graphics can customize, but cobble together their logos and buttons also from scratch. The finished animation can be exported as needed as a video, Flash or GIF. The 3D Animation Maker also supports the export of GIF, BMP, JPG; PNG and TIFF. Thus can be opened easily in other programs and further processed images generated.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker Download Templates

create stunning effects thanks GIFs & timeline

Thanks to the integrated timeline, the user is able to retain full control over the behavior of the animation. Length and playback speed of the 3D animation can be easily controlled with precision. The shareware from the house Aurora3DTeam has in addition to countless templates also effective items on board. They range from distortion effects, lighting control, particle effects like snow, fireworks or smoke to effects of surface structures. In addition, the object position can be determined exactly in the movements with the 3D manipulator. Creativity knows no bounds with the tool anyway.

Limitations of Aurora 3D Animation Maker

The trial of ten days functional.

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Aurora 3D Animation Maker Download Editor's Rating