SuperFast Shutdown

SuperFast Shutdown

provides for quick shutdown or a rapid restart of the computer Download Super Fast Shutdown, which is set up at home in the form of two small icons on the desktop.

The download of SuperFast Shutdown for extreme emergencies

With the presented tool can the Windows computer, as the name suggests, quickly shut down or even restart, without the separate storage processes or queries, as is usual with Windows, would be considered. Therefore, it is the one essential necessary to secure his documents before. Secondly recommend even the manufacturers to only use this tool if it is really necessary, as the program embeds itself deep inside Windows and the hard drive could suffer damage during long-term use.

SuperFast Shutdown – the fastest of its kind system utility

Superfast Shutdown download works with the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows Vista and
  • Windows 7
  • iPod Touch 5.4
    The System Utility reaches deep into the Windows operating system, so some virus scanners will come out this program as malware. But only because the tool is so incredibly fast – faster than other system utilities for free download. Because with activation of the Desktop icon, the computer shuts down immediately, without the usual Windows queries and processes to store and closure of existing programs to consider.

The excellent integration of the System Utility on the desktop

SuperFast Shutdown create two shortcuts on the desktop of the Windows computer: A desselbigen for shutting down the PC and one for the restart. Therefore, two new icons come on the desktop that "Super Fast Reboot" for the restart and the "SuperFast Shutdown" for the shutdown.

SuperFast Shutdown Download

With a simple double both symbols are activated and within milliseconds they perform their duties. For this reason, the operation of the tool is suitable for everyone, and the user does not need any special computer skills or -Knowledge. For fast shutdown and a rapid startup It can happen often that a user wants to restart his computer at the office or even completely shut down. In this he is now the download SuperFast Shutdown, which embeds itself deep into the Windows operating system and operates from there helps. Create by the two desktop shortcuts is handling perfectly done and anyone can force a shutdown and restart within moments. So who does not forget to save their documents before using this tool, which will have a lot of fun with this simple but very functional system utility.