Real Desktop Free makes a standard Windows desktop a three-dimensional space. Objects such as files and folders can be moved in three dimensions. Thus one settles down the desktop as a second living room or study. Twitter feed along one wall, latest Flickr pictures on the other, between placed visibly hangs the ToDoList - so you feel comfortable in the living room desktop. In addition, attracts an almost real physics. you come about with an object or file against another, one pushes him across the desk. Objects around to transport you to the trash keeping first the left and then the right mouse button, they will be raised. The free version of Real Desktop provides a good introduction to the world of three-dimensional desktops. The integrated commercials are manageable and designed with eight decorations for each room, a desktop can certainly set up comfortably. And in between for a relaxing little game is fast times, etc. a basketball hoop appropriate. Best: testing.

Limitations of Real Desktop Free 2:06

A maximum of three rooms maximum eight per room decorations commercials