Sven Come! presents the adventures of the wool-lüstigen sheep in the form of a three-dimensional animated platformer game. As known from the other Sven games, you stand as a player again faced with the task to bless furry sheep ladies until they dissolve into thin air ... between Sven and his beloved but make not only all kinds of obstacles, but also chaste opponent. These try to make as acidic as possible the woolly Casanova's life. However, the player is on his way through the three-dimensional worlds Sven Come! a number of gimmicks that are eager to help him. Sven Come! making if only for his game idea a lot of fun. In the present version here nor the successful 3D graphics and funny variation of the tried and true platforming principle are added. If you still need some support, which is a guide in the download section.

Limitations of Sven Up

The demo version contains three of a total of 30 levels.