Threema not work? So you get the secure crypto Messenger running again. We betray the common problems and how they can be solved. learn more here & further texts!

Around 3.5 million people have chosen to threema download. But, according to the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, the user numbers have doubled in no time. The Messenger is currently regarded as one of the safest mobile instant messenger.

Threema not workThreema not work? With our tips to kick the crypto Messenger back on track!

Threema not work and the messages do not arrive.

One problem that keeps coming up is the transfer time of the messages. Especially if larger attachments like images are sent, there may be delays in the transmission. Remedy is difficult to remedy this. However, it was reported in forums that the messages would be transmitted faster when transmitter and receiver are connected to the WLAN. Otherwise, the motto: be patient and emergency Images & Send Co. via email or share on a cloud. If the messages do not arrive at the receiver even after some time of patient waiting, which may be due to overloaded servers. Here users can check if currently there is a malfunction. Normally, such a short time - usually just a few minutes - fixed.

No contacts in the list?

Threema does not work properly when viewing the contacts? Similar to WhatsApp contact list is updated only once a day. Who has added a new contact, this update can also be done manually. For this, the contact list must be drawn down and released. So that the contacts sync works, also has the option of privacy are enabled in the app's settings. Who calls an iPhone its own must grant the access to Messenger contacts. The option to be found in the system settings under the point data protection. Here's the point has to be called contacts and the option to activate turn threema. If this fails, the cause may be inconsistencies in the details. In this case, a short inquiry of data with which the person concerned has linked their ID helps.

If all else fails: These tips work!

Despite attempts: threema not work? Then there is the emergency plan here:

  1. If there is a problem with the phone or the Internet connection check by testing other apps that require a connection.
  2. Optionally, the compound (mobile data or WLAN) disconnect and reconnect.
  3. By restarting the smartphone smaller system errors can be corrected if necessary.
  4. Is there an update for the app? Then this should be installed.
  5. As a last option, the app can be uninstalled and re played on the device. However, so that all data will be lost, which were not secured in advance via backup.

Those who do not yet use the crypto Messenger, but would like to try it, learn in this clip, how to set up threema: