Excel League Betting Game

Excel League Betting Game

With the Excel League Betting Game Download Manage football fans their own betting communities with friends or colleagues in the office. The free Excel worksheet calculates not only the scores of the participants, but based on the results and the current tables of supported leagues.

Excel Bundesliga prediction game download for football fans and experts

In detail these are in Excel League Betting Game in addition to the three top German leagues, the most important foreign leagues. Here, let Tips for games of the English Premier League, Ligue 1 in France, the Spanish La Liga, Eredivisie Make our Dutch neighbors and the Turkish SüperLig and evaluate.

Separate Excel tables for the major European leagues

The evaluation of the advice assumes a separate Excel spreadsheet, which is located in the ZIP file of the League Betting Game Download. This reads the forecasts of the other players and automatically calculates the ranking of Tipper. Macros must be enabled in MS Excel to open the tables correctly.

Excel League Betting Game Download

The syndicate determines the points awarded itself

For each league there is one separate Excel file as a lottery ticket. According to the order, each player can create a lottery ticket and distributed there before the season or even on the season record his own tips. The syndicate establishes the points for correct picks, correct or Goal Differences correctly typed tendency itself. By default, three points for the right result, two points for correctly guessed goal difference and at least one point for a correct result will be awarded. Extra points can be awarded if desired, for example for correctly predicted champion or relegated.

Any number of players participate in the prediction game

There is no limit on the number of players in the syndicate. A game leader will receive the lottery tickets and take the evaluation via an additionally mounted file before. Before the tip evaluation is started, the user selects the league and possibly change the folder where the lottery tickets are stored. A registration of the game results in the pools coupons is not required. The results are automatically copied in the evaluation in the pools coupons and determines the points of each player scored.

Excel League Betting Game powered football fans with many statistics

Also Statistical friends a lot is offered with various statistics on the respective typed league. Among other things, the current Bundesliga table back and forth round table, as well as the Home and Away table in the spreadsheet "Bundesliga table" calculated. In the "cross table" football friend can take a look at all the games played and also receives an evaluation of the number of Home and Away victories and the draw outgoing batches. The goals scored all games and each game are calculated as well as the frequency of individual results. The worksheet "fever chart" the user can be present the entire course of the season one or two teams from the 1st to the 34th match day. Numerous other sports programs are available in our software catalog for free download.