Fishdom: Deep Dive

Fishdom: Deep Dive

With Fishdom: Deep Dive for Android and iOS there are supplies for all fans of Candy Crush & Co. This time it is, however, in the deepest depths of the sea. In a wonderful graphics, the app combines the principles of three-row puzzles and aquarium games – ideal for large and small gamers.

Fishdom: Deep Dive AndroidFishdom: Deep Dive on an Android tablet

Fishdom: Deep Dive for Android and iOS

Fishdom existed before the mobile version as a classic PC game. On the website of Playrix games, there are now three versions of the underwater spectacle. So for the app developers were able to use an already proven concept and pays off – at least if you look at the number of downloads. But what now awaits players Fishdom: Deep Dive for Android or iOS? After downloading the app, the little turtle Tina through a short tutorial. The game begins in an empty aquarium, for one reminiscent of Nemo clownfish is acquired first. Then it’s on to the puzzle in which three identical sea creatures such as starfish, shells or beads must be horizontally or vertically combined. The combination of more than three identical elements switches useful and powerful boosters free. The more game pieces are combined, the more the power-up is. however, there are only a limited number of moves for each level. these have been used up, without solving the puzzle, you lose a life. At the beginning of each player a total of five lives available that charge in case of loss after a certain time.

Fishdom: Deep Dive Android Three-WinMegabooster help resolve the Level

make the aquarium

There is money for new fish or decorations for each successfully completed puzzle. Gradually, more and more different species of fish in the aquarium and there are new decorative elements enabled. With every purchase, the so-called beauty stage, so the game progress increased. During the Games themselves more aquariums such as Greece, farm, ship or Hawaii can unlock. Here, each aquarium has maintained and the fish are fed regularly. If you have accumulated too much decorations or is it this time for a redesign? Then the objects can be moved to the camp.

Quests for gemstones

The game has two currencies: gold coins and purple gems. For the gold coins puzzles have to be solved, to be completed for the premium currency gems quests. There is the clunkers example, if one person saves 250 pieces of gold or four different species of fish bought. Are these tasks to master relatively quickly in the beginning, it becomes increasingly difficult to get to the sparkling crystals during the game. For those who can not wait, provides Fishdom: Deep Dive for Android and iOS, the option of in-app purchases available. With prices ranging from 60 cents to 99.99 euros – depending on the number of purchased stones – can be acquired extravagant items, extra lives or extra trains with financial large-scale operation. Otherwise, the game is free and can be played completely free.