DE-Cleaner powered by Kaspersky detects viruses and other malicious code on the computer and removes it. The free virus removal tool scans in addition to individual partitions and startup items and the RAM memory. The DE-Cleaner powered by Kaspersky was developed as part of an initiative of the Internet Association eco and leading antivirus experts. The goal was an easy to use cleaner tool can remove malware from your PC with even novice users. DE-Cleaner powered by Kaspersky scans with a few mouse clicks any computer areas (system boards, mailboxes, My Documents, etc.) for known viruses, Trojan horses and worms. If a Fund made, the freeware also removes the same infection. DE-Cleaner powered by Kaspersky has no virus guard and therefore does not replace a full-fledged anti-virus tool. This claim, however, the program has not at all. It is in the case of "infection" provide first aid in disinfecting. This job is done without hesitation.