Of the TBBackup download backs up data from Thunderbird, Firefox and Internet Explorer. In addition to bookmarks and emails TBB also stores address book, signatures, passwords and certificates.

TBBackup Download for securing Thunderbird data

All data selected for backup are combined in a common backup file. In addition to the above still count this as the calendar Lightning or painstakingly elaborate settings of the mail client. What sounds like a lot of work, is conceivably simple in practice. This means: Start TBBackup, select Mail profile (usually there is only one) and save. Thus, the backup includes by default a flat rate only times everything. For very large mailboxes, however, you should bring some time time – at least for the first backup. By password TBB secures the mail archive from unauthorized insights, a built-in encryption is reserved users of the paid Pro version.

TBBackup download

Alternatively, can be adjusted down to the details, of course, what data or which mailboxes are to be integrated into the backup. The corresponding settings stores TBBackup on request in a configuration file that starts the future by double-clicking the backup. The built-in file viewer provides insight into the contents of the backup files on the hard drive before which records a backup. The Restoration of data turns out just as easy as the backup. All data are loaded into any Thunderbird profile, where they are immediately available again. In addition to POP3 mailboxes to TBBackup incidentally also understands with IMAP. Quick manageable, easy to understand and completely German. The free TBBackup ensures uncomplicated holy emails together with all other important data from Mozilla’s mail client. In addition, all important settings before Datengau are safe – thumbs up!

Limitations of TBBackup

Free for non-commercial use. registration reminder