The virtual fishing license prepares anglers in Spe quite well to the successful attainment of fishing permits before. The free Web app deepened both general and more specific knowledge about fish, bait and switch.

Targeted exam preparation by Fischer test download

Overall, the virtual fishing license to the user 30 from more than 350 questions from all relevant audit areas. Tricky: The electronic fishing teacher is not confined to questions of a single state, but includes all German states at the fishing exam download with one.

Online Fischer test with 30 randomly selected questions

The operation of the fishermen exam is easy. The user enters a check names of at least six letters and the Captcha security code and clicks "You to test" at. Now he sees thirty randomly selected issues where he each ticking one answer. After answering the last question, and clicking on "Make ready" evaluates the virtual Fischer test the bow and the user learns how many questions were correct and how much wrong answers. On all issues is also equal to present the correct answer.

The virtual fishing exam provides an online leaderboard

Who ticking the wrong answer in five or more questions, falls through the test and may again their luck at Fischer test download try. In an online leaderboard to harmonize its own results from those of other anglers. However, you really have all the questions correctly and answer in less than 70 seconds to reach the top 50 anglers.

The virtual fishing license download

As an example, the following an original question from the Fischer test: How should a prisoner, viable fish that is to conserve, be treated? A He is gentle to solve the hook and reset immediately. B He is to kill and be allocated to the maximum daily catch. C. He is to food holding in Keepnet until he has recovered and then reset. Good preparation for their own fishing license The virtual Angel examination aim is to help that to deepen own knowledge of fish and fishing tackle and expand. With the test, aspiring anglers awarded prepare their own fishing license. The creator of the questions would also help, according to his statement that fishing not only "stupid Rumgesitze" true, but that anglers are perceived mainly as a conservationist and lovers. Therefore, some of the questions the environmental and species conservation devote targeted.