N-Cry Toolkit

The N-Cry Toolkit undergoing Google smartphones and tablets of the Nexus series of a root canal. After the root process owner of such a device access to the features and options that are not available from the factory. Thus, for after using the N-Cry Toolkit example apps uninstall that were cemented by Google otherwise fixed in Android. Expert interesting: Even alternative firmware to install after rooting on his portable Robot, also it can be operated under conditions other than the manufacturer recommended Android versions. Logically, the toolkit makes his actions even reversed and loads the factory-installed standard Android version back to the respective devices. Also useful, especially for beginners: The 1-click menu for different actions by rooting through recovery to the installation of the current boot loader. are currently supported: • • Nexus 4 Nexus 7 Nexus 7 • 2013 • Nexus 10 prerequisite for rooting with N-Cry Toolkit incidentally is the Google USB Driver ADB requirement, which is found in addition to the program as such in the download area. Anyone looking for a universal helper to unlock his Android device, which the Android Root tool is to heart, which we also offer for download. By the way, there’s Android for the domestic machine: Android-x86.